Welcome to the MOVING platform

MOVING is combining working and training features within a single platform. It is a shared space for research, collaboration and training for a wider public to improve information and data literacy. The MOVING database provides access to vast amounts of documents in a variety of formats (text, RDF, video, slides, webpages, social media, OER etc.). Additionally, MOVING offers a broad range of analytical features, like visualisation and analysis tools, in combination with adaptive guidance offers on how to use them. The training options are based on the MOVING curriculum for information literacy and will help users to acquire knowledge and skills, discover helpful tools, and give them the confidence to navigate an ever-changing information landscape. The learning features provide users with a range of self-regulated learning options and give them access to a plethora of learning material and online courses, including MOOCs, in all kind of subjects and disciplines. The MOVING community combines these features with an ecosystem for communication, co-creation and collaboration in a digital community of practice. Here, in the MOVING communities, users can find partners and funding opportunities and collaborate in the virtual working environment on the MOVING platform.

Work in progress

MOVING is a EU Horizon 2020 funded research and development project. The platform is continuously being developed and enhanced. New tools, features and content will be added within the following weeks and months. So, come back soon and check out what exciting new features we will integrate! If you want find out more about the MOVING project go to our website http://moving-project.eu or follow us on Twitter @MOVING_EU!

Thank you

We thank CORE for providing their database in the MOVING platform.


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